Norman Blake and Nancy Blake Old Time Country music, American music.

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Norman Blake, Nancy Blake & Tut Taylor
Shacktown Road

It's been 35 years since Tut and Norman, along with Vassar Clements joined John Hartford on the legendary Warner Brothers recording, Aereo-Plain. This is the first recording for old friends Tut & Norman, who along with Nancy Blake preserve wonderful memories and long-held traditions on  SHACKTOWN  ROAD.

The eighteen selections of old timey music are reminiscent of Moon Pies and Nehi soda; resophonic sounds, songs and stories from the South. They recorded in the small house of Jens & Uwe Kruger near Wilkesboro on Old Highway 60, just up the way from Shacktown Road.

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Tracks from Shacktown Road Order
  1. Shacktown Road -- Tut Taylor,Tutwiler Music, BMI
  2. Kindred Spirit -- Tut Taylor,Tutwiler Music, BMI
  3. Guitar Rag -- Traditional
  4. Not A Word From Home -- Roy Acuff, Sony/ATV, Acuff Rose Music
  5. The Old Dobro Man -- Tut Taylor,Tutwiler Music, BMI
  6. Worried Blues -- Traditional
  7. Tom Scala's Waltz -- Norman Blake, Blake & Blake Music, BMI
  8. Lizzie Hubbard Blues -- Tut Taylor,Tutwiler Music, BMI
  9. Going To Georgia -- Traditional
  10. Ode To Bascom -- Tut Taylor,Tutwiler Music, BMI
  11. On the Banks of Lake Pontchartrain -- Pattie Bryan, Blake & Blake Music, BMI
  12. It Must Be Jelly -- Tut Taylor,Tutwiler Music, BMI
  13. The Tag Railroad Rag -- Norman Blake, Blake & Blake Music, BMI
  14. Running Wild -- Tut Taylor,Tutwiler Music, BMI
  15. Times Ain't Like They Used to Be -- Traditional
  16. End of the World -- Fred Rose, Sony/ATV Milene Music
  17. Steel Guitar Blues --Traditional
  18. The Buffalo Left Yesterday -- Tut Taylor,Tutwiler Music, BMI
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